Our goal is to offer college-age students guidance on how to eat well while living on a tight budget. We promote both good health and smart, economical living. Because we are targeting a group of people that are likely inexperienced in preparing food on their own, we hope to teach our audience about the fundamentals of cooking. We do this by choosing recipes that are easy to follow and that vary in how they are prepared, as well as by offering tips and tutorials that relate to the recipes we choose. We also hope to be able to interview a nutritionist who caters specifically to the college-aged demographic so that we can provide tips and guidance for fellow students to make their own healthy choices.

We created this blog for Jane Friedman’s Digital Media and Publishing class at the University of Virginia during spring semester 2013.

About the Chefs

Emily Mathews
I am a fourth-year student here at UVa, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Media Studies! Around UVa grounds, I can be found sitting atop the lifeguard stand at the AFC or organizing events for fellow students as a part of Fourth-Year Trustees. Off-grounds, but not far from it in Charlottesville, I am a devoted Corner Cup groupie, Rev Soup connoisseur, and Pigeon Hole Friday brunch fanatic. My favorite activities on Saturdays in the fall include walking to the Farmer’s Market and standing on the hill singing The Good ‘Ol Song after a Cavalier victory. I understand the pressures and time constraints of a day in the life of a Wahoo so I hope this blog will provide you with new ideas and inspiration for meals in your coming years as a college student!

Maurine Anderson
Hello, all. I too am a fourth-year at the University of Virginia, and I happen to be majoring in Linguistics and American Studies. I’m also studying French and graphic design. Some of my favorite things are photography, cooking (heh, obviously), creating custom dessert recipes, and re-purposing thrift store finds. Oh, and Pinterest. Pinterest is fantastic. I’m also kind of a word nerd and tend to geek out over word etymologies, analyzing dialects of a language, and fun things to say like “Mangoes. Man goes. Man goes to the store to get mangoes.” Annnyhow. I believe in keeping things simple and learning to do things in such a way that life doesn’t ever get too, too overwhelming…which is where this blog comes in. Enjoy your time here, fellow food enthusiast, and happy cooking!

Katie Urban
I am a Fourth Year student at the University of Virginia majoring in Media Studies and American Studies, with a concentration in Popular and Visual Culture. During my last semester of my undergraduate career, I am an Intern Albemarle Magazine, a Production Assistant at WVIR NBC 29, and a bi-weekly columnist at The Cavalier Daily. This summer, I was on a perpetual restaurant/food crawl as I was interning in New York City for Conde Nast at Glamour magazine. Charlottesville is the perfect place to continue this food crawl and you can find me ordering parmesan pretzels at Mellow Mushroom, grabbing a vanilla buttercream cupcake from Sweethaus, or eating some amazing brunch at La Taza. The media and food are two of my biggest life passions and this blog is a great way to combine both- and hopefully help you out at the same time!

Molly Grieco
Like everyone else, I’m also a Fourth Year at UVA! I’m majoring in Psychology and minoring in Media Studies. When I’m not busy finishing my last semester, I can be found giving tours of Central Grounds to prospective students, interning at a Child Advocacy Center in Charlottesville, or just frantically applying for jobs. I’m also addicted to baking, and am always looking to find new and healthy ways to make some of my favorite desserts. Some of my favorite Charlottesville eateries include (but are not limited to) Rev Soup, Sweet Haus, Little Johns and of course, Boylan. Hopefully through my adventures (and misadventures), I can help you learn how to eat all the good stuff in life, only healthier! Enjoy!


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  1. Good luck with this! I’m a senior at Rutgers University studying a similar field. You guys have a nice and clean site. I’m very impressed by how organized it is and the fact that you include costs/nutritional facts/etc. Keep it up and feel free to check out the blog I just started!

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